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No matter what you're building wealth for -- a child's education, a major purchase, your retirement, starting a business, or a legacy for loved ones -- our in-house Money Manager* can help you grow and preserve wealth. Whether you are looking for help managing an existing investment portfolio or want to create the a wealth building strategy from scratch, let us help.


It's not enough to simply decide on a goal. You need a strategy that can get you there. But the options available to you can be overwhelming, with tax implications, bewildering investment choices, and challenging rules for accessing your funds. That's where we come in. We have the experience to identify and implement an appropriate strategy for you.


Building a successful business is only half the battle. Retaining top performers and planning for the day when you’re no longer at the helm are just as important. We can help with business planning tailored to your needs. From employee benefit programs and key employee compensation to succession planning, our expertise can help you achieve your goals.


The right insurance can make all the difference in how well you recover and rebuild after an unexpected setback. Our competitive roster of insurance products will help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business, despite unforeseen events. So let us help with insurance coverage for life, property and casualty, auto, flood, and catastrophic illness.

Events and Workshops

Take Advantage of Our Free Workshops

From business planning to saving for retirement to the special financial concerns that women face, we've got an informative free workshop to educate you about your options. Our advisors are often asked to speak at business, civic and nonprofit events, so if you are looking for a featured speaker, look no further than your DMK Advisor Group, Inc. professional. Take a look at the tabs at right for our current schedule of topics and workshop dates.

Looking for a featured guest speaker for your civic, social, or professional organization? Our advisors have a wealth of topics they present to groups just like yours. Contact DMK Advisor Group, Inc. for more information!


Women have achieved so many major mile-stones over the last few generations. They are better educated, earning more money, chief executives of Fortune 100 companies, and more influential in the economy than ever before. But with all that women have accomplished, it’s surprising that some financial obstacles remain. Fail to address these obstacles in your own financial planning, and you may fall short in achieving your goals.

Our 45-minute workshop will show you what you should considering doing at various stages of live in order to help achieve your financial goals.Contact DMK Advisor Group, Inc. for more information!

Why Business Owners Need an Exit Strategy

You shouldn’t have to lose it all. But fail to plan and that’s exactly what your retirement, incapacity or death could mean to your business. Building a successful business is only half the battle. Retaining the loyalty of your top performers and planning for the day when you’re no longer at the helm are just as important. We can help with business planning tailored to your needs. Contact us to schedule a workshop in your community! Contact DMK Advisor Group, Inc. for more information!

Prepare to Survive Any Storm

There’s no corner of our country completely free from risk of natural disaster. Whether floods, storms, fire, or earthquake, the chances are good that your home may be exposed to devastating risk from time to time. And when disaster strikes, the costs can be immeasurable, not just in the billions of dollars of lost property, but also the tragic loss of life that seems to accompany nearly every major disaster.

Although we can’t control Mother Nature quite yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to protect our financial and physical wellbeing. But as you might expect, the time to take action is now, before there’s smoke in the air, the floodwaters are rising, or the earth begins to shake.

To help you protect yourself, your family, and your property against the risk of natural disaster, we've created an informative workshop on the risks unique to your community. Workshop participants will receive a FREE 28-page workbook to help them create their own disaster survival plan. Contact us to schedule a workshop in your community!

Are You Ready to Address the Challenges of Retirement?

Take this short quiz and find out how well you're prepared for what could be the biggest financial challenge of your life. For more information on Challenge of Retirement Workshops near you, contact us today.

Check Out Our Schedule of Events and Workshops

Whether you're a business owner, retiree, new couple starting out, or individual looking for better ways to build wealth, we have an informative workshop that may provide answers to your pressing financial questions. Click here to check out our current schedule of events and workshops.

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Email or call us today at 800.983.4448 to learn more about how your career may flourish as part of the DMK Advisor Group, Inc. team. We are especially looking for talented financial advisors who can serve Colorado and Florida. But all inquiries are encouraged!

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