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Oops! Don't Make this HUGE Mistake

As parents we spend lot a time picking the perfect names for our kids. Unfortunately, most parents do not spend nearly enough time picking the name for the "beneficiary" on their life insurance policies. Every parent with minor children should spend time picking the correct beneficiary names to ensure that their desires for their kids are fulfilled. A major responsibility outside of providing emotionally for your children is providing financially for them. This includes the potential of your death before they become adults. Life insurance is a great mechanism to replace your income that provides for your family but if you pick the wrong name for your beneficiary your survivors could be in for a surprise. Beneficiary designations can also be a big problem when it comes to passing on your estate after death. Why? For starters, you'd be surprised how often people fail to keep them up to date. That's how all too often individuals inadvertently leave wealth they'd prefer to pass on to others to their ex-spouses. An outdated beneficiary designation that hasn't kept in step with the changes in your life -- as well as the changes in the lives of your beneficiaries -- can create an estate planning disaster. We've created several tools to help you sort out your beneficiary designations. To get your started, here's our beneficiary designation audit.

Women & Money: What You Need to Know

“You’ve come a long way, baby.” That’s how Madison Avenue thought fit to congratulate women in 1969 on their many social, political, and economic advances. Trouble is, women still had a long, long way to go when it came to equal financial rights. But there is good news:

  • Today women control 51.3 percent of U.S. wealth, and that percentage is expected to rise to 67 percent by 2030.
  • Women make 67 percent of all household buying decisions today.
  • They are expected to inherit $25 trillion from their parents and spouses by 2030.
  • In high-net-worth households, 88 percent of women are highly involved in managing family assets.
  • Today’s young women are better educated than their male counterparts.
  • Smart women know they’ve got to take charge of their own financial security. That’s because they face challenges men don’t. On average, they earn less, they work less, and they have fewer resources of our own. Yet they live longer and are more likely to be alone at retirement. That's why at every stage of life women need to plan for the unique challenges that they face. How much do you know about women and money? Get the score with our short quiz: Women and Money.

    What You Need to Know About Marriage Equality

    Today’s families often bear little resemblance to Ozzie and Harriet. A growing number of couples are declining to walk down the aisle for the benefits of a traditional marriage. In fact, today 7.5 million heterosexual couples in the U.S. are cohabitating, a record high. While as many as two-thirds of these couples plan to marry eventually, a significant number will never marry for the duration of their relationship. And that doesn't take into consideration the many gay and lesbian couples who, despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, are opting out of taking their marriage vows.

    All committed non-traditional couples who care about their partners and want to protect them should take heed: with a little planning, you can provide your partner a measure of protection outside of marriage. Read our factsheet on Marriage Equality to find out more.
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